Destroy Your Ability to Manifest

The Three Letter Word that Can Ruin Everything!

It’s such a simple word … yet it has the power to derail all of your dreams. This seemingly magic word is the word “but.”

Every thought you have is part of a continuum made up of the thought (of what you want) and its exact opposite. The word that links the two ends of this thought spectrum together is the word ‘but.’

Manifesting a New Car

Let’s look at the example of wanting a new car. To make the Law of Attraction work for you requires that you think, imagine, visualize in great detail about the car or truck that you want. After much deliberation, you decide on the make and model. You visualize the color, the interior, and all of the other special features you want it to have. You can practically smell the new leather seats, hear the fabulous surround sound stereo system, and you smile thinking about how wonderful it will be to drive this new vehicle. This clear mental picture is the focus required to program the Law of Attraction (LOA) (we call it the Law of Creation) to bring into reality the thing you most desire.

With this initial mental picture clearly visualized in your mind, the Law of Creation is ready to transform this thought into reality for you. At this point, it is really important to understand that the thought of owning the new car of your dreams has an equal and opposite end of the spectrum which is you not wanting the new car of your dreams.

Once you broadcast the initial thought of what you want, you need to be on the lookout for your nemesis, the word ‘but.’

Examples of How But Can Sabotage Your LOA Efforts

Here are some examples of what ‘but’ can look and sound like in this scenario:

  • I want this new car BUT I can’t afford it!
  • I want this new car BUT I’ve never had a new car before. I’m not a new car kind of person.
  • I want this new car BUT my current car is just fine so I really don’t need a new car.

The Word “But” Can Ruin Your Manifesting Ability

Any ‘but’ after your desired thought is in opposition to the thought of your desired experience. These ‘but’ statements essentially cancel out or block your desired thought from manifesting. Or even worse, if your ‘but’ statements are more frequent and carry more intense energy, then you are telling the universe that you really want the opposite of what you desire.

If you say more frequently that you can’t afford a new car rather than that you want the new car, your clarity and passion (fear) of not being able to afford the new car will win. Because it is stronger than you affording the new car, the clearest focus you are sending to the Universe is what you don’t want and the Universe will respond by manifesting the experience of what you don’t want … not being able to  buy a new car.

But Statements

The ‘but’ statements that come into your mind when you are trying to manifest and achieve your dreams are often a direct result of your past experiences. They come from all of what is and has been in your life. New experiences are not likely to manifest when you are stuck in the past.

To manifest the new experience of having what you desire, you must trust the universal Law of Creation and transcend the paradigms and false beliefs you’ve built up through past experience.

Three Letter Word LOA

Practice Makes Perfect with the Law of Attraction

This takes patience and practice. When you notice a thought that contains a ‘but,’ turn your attention away from what comes after the’but’ and redirect your attention back to what it is that you really want.

In time, through focus, practice, and persistence, you will move past the but’s and increase the focus and intensity of the things and experiences you wish to have. This is simple to say, yet in practice it can be quite difficult to execute.

Don’t become discouraged. It’s like building a muscle or learning a new sport. It takes time and sometimes it will go well and other times not so much. Don’t give up or give in to your and’s, if only’s, and but’s.

With a commitment to stay positively focused on the things you desire and not to entertain other possibilities, you are one step closer to manifesting your dreams and goals. Just remember, focusing on what you want is just one of the necessary ingredients to bring your dreams into reality.

The Law of Creation is universal and consistent. Reality always has been and always will be created through the process of your programming of The Law. You are the writer, director, and lead actor/actress in your life experience.

Be on the lookout for anyone (include you) trying to slip any ‘but’s’ into your script for success.

Article by Mark Boldizar with Input by Takara

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Mark Boldizar