The Law of Attraction as a Radio Signal

LOA Acts as Your Reality Tuner

The Law of Attraction is often described as a magnetic attraction. You attract into your life experiences that are like your thoughts.

As a scientist, this description never really resonated with or worked for me. It implies that like attracts like. In the world of magnetism, opposites attract. The negative pole of one magnet is attracted to the positive pole of another magnet. Like magnetic poles actually repel one another.

This magnetic attraction description made it more difficult for me to come to a full understanding of LOA and how it works. I’ve always been one who wants to know how things work. For me, understanding how things work enables me to practically apply and utilize the thing in my life. And I definitely wanted to apply and utilize the universal law that puts me in control of what I experience.

As I’ve experimented with LOA through the years and have come to create incredible experiences in my life, a new and more consistent explanation of how LOA works became clear to me. LOA is definitely a law of attraction, but this attraction is not analogous to a magnetic attraction. The attraction is frequency based.

The attraction factor in Law of Attraction is similar to how you tune into your favorite radio or TV station

Radio and television stations broadcast at a very specific frequency measured in megahertz (Mhz). Let’s look at two different frequencies in the diagram below to help explain the concept of frequency more clearly:

Different Sound Signals

If you want to listen to music from a radio station, you need a radio. The radio is a device that interprets the music station’s broadcast signal and converts the signal into the music you intend to listen to. A television is a device that interprets the video broadcast coming from the TV broadcast station into the video program you intend to watch.

If you want to listen to rock music that is broadcast at 102.5 Mhz, then you need to set your radio tuner to 102.5 Mhz. If you want to watch an HDTV program on a local channel broadcasting at 180 Mhz, your TV tuner needs to be set to 180 Mhz. When you decide you would like to listen to or watch something different, all you need to do is change your tuner to the channel broadcasting what you now want to listen to or watch.

LOA works exactly like radio and TV broadcasting and receiving

But the really cool and powerful difference is that you are not just the experiencer (listener or watcher), you are also the program director. Your thoughts are the programs broadcast into LOA at specific frequencies. LOA then interprets the thought frequencies and aligns the physical matter, people and “stuff” required to transform (tune) that thought into a physical experience of reality in your life.

LOA uses the unlimited resources available in the universe to transform your thought frequencies into a physical experience that matches your thought forms. Like frequencies in the universe are attracted to (aligned with) the frequencies of your thoughts. Your thought broadcasts become your reality. You are the star and director of your very own reality TV show.

If you don’t like the reality program you are experiencing, change the channel by changing your thoughts

You are in charge of what you experience. You don’t have to experience that which you do not desire. Change your thoughts, change your reality. It is as simple as changing the radio station.

If you can change the channel on your radio or TV, you can change your experience of success. There is no better time than now to turn off that program you do not like and start to to binge experience the reality of your dreams.

Article by Mark Boldizar with Input by Takara
Mark Boldizar