LOA Getting What You Want

Understanding the Law of Attraction (LOA) Getting What You Want

When first learning about intentional (or deliberate) creation, one concept I had trouble understanding was around the Law of Attraction (LOA) getting what I want vs what I don’t want. Learning that The Law responds to thoughts of what I do not want in the same way it responds to thoughts of what I do want I found puzzling. If I think of not wanting something … why does the universe respond by manifesting this experience that I do not want?

All of the explanations I found were missing something.

Then one day the full understanding hit me.

The Law of Absolute Value as it Applies to the Law of Attraction

As a scientist, I often look at life’s problems from a mathematical or scientific perspective.

In mathematics, there is a concept known as absolute value. The absolute value of a number is the magnitude (away from zero) of the number regardless of its sign.

In an equation, absolute value is indicated by this symbol, | |.

The absolute value of -10 is 10.

| -10 | = 10

And the absolute value of +10 is also 10.

| 10 | = 10

-10   -9   -8   -7   -6   -5   -4   -3   -2   -1   0    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10

Relating this to LOA … think about the magnitude (how big the number is away from zero) to how passionate you are about whatever you are thinking about. How much do you hate the thing you don’t want? Or, how much do you want the thing or experience you desire? The level of passion or energy behind your thoughts and desires have an impact on how quickly they show up.

Law of Attraction and Absolute Value

Let’s take a look at an example equation to help illustrate the absolute value concept:

I gained a more complete understanding of LOA when I began to apply the concept of absolute value to my thoughts and passionate feelings I had toward those thoughts. If I was thinking about how much I did not want to work in the job I hated, the absolute value of that thought would actually be translated like this:

| I do not want to work at this job I hate | = I work at this job I hate

When you think about things you do not want, the image in your mind and the passionate energy you feel for or against is of that experience. When I think about the job I hate (which I do not want to experience), the image in my mind is me working at this job I hate accompanied by the passionate dislike of going to this job every day. Not wanting the experience is nowhere to be found in my vision.

“I do not want” is merely an add-on unrecognized by the Universe

The ‘I do not want’ is just like putting the absolute value symbol around my negative (-) vision. The universe only recognizes the thought and passion inside the ‘I do not want’ or absolute value symbol. So I am basically signaling the universe to create the vivid image filled with passion that I just focused on which is something I do not want.

At one point in my corporate career, I focused on the thought of becoming a plant manager. My thought of this experience was transformed into my reality through the Law of Attraction. I was offered a plant manager position in another division within the company I was working for at the time. The position that I had for so long looked to as my dream job had become my reality, a reality that quickly turned into a nightmare that I was not expecting.

There were a number of details that I did not consider when I focused on manifesting a plant manager job. Important details such as having a supportive manager and a supportive team and a collaborative atmosphere was something I took for granted. I almost immediately found myself working in a place did not understand my vision of winning through teamwork. I was frustrated and I was becoming more and more deflated with each passing day.

It would’ve been easy for me to dwell upon how bad my work situation was and how much I hated this new role that I had intentionally manifested in my life. And to be honest, that is where I started. I was in a horrible situation and that was where my thoughts were initially focused. I had clear thoughts of hating my job combined with an intense passion of:

  • fear of being fired,
  • dislike for the job that I had always dreamed of, and
  • regret for having decided to accept the position.

I realized that dwelling on the things I disliked was not helpful. I needed to turn my thoughts in a different direction. I consciously decided to apply everything I had learned through my study and experimentation with LOA. I realized that continuing to focus on what I did not want would only serve to bring me more of the same.

I began to think about working in an environment with people I liked and respected. I thought about liking what I was doing. I thought about being offered a new job that I could easily say yes to.

With these new thoughts came a new and different passion. I felt uplifted and more positive each day I went to work. The current plant manager experience improved.

Law of Attraction LOA Absolute Value 2

I decided to focus on the good and not the bad

This helped me peacefully exist in this role while I was focused on intentionally creating a new work experience through the Law of Attraction or what we call, “The Law of Intentional Creation.”

I started looking for new positions outside the company that appeared to be aligned with the positive work experience I wanted. I was invited for interviews. I could feel a new position coming. But then I stopped to focus on what I really, really wanted.

I did not want to leave the company. I had worked there for decades. Why should I now have to leave to be happy.

I decided to create a new intention

I created an intention that could bring me happiness and fulfillment within the company I had devoted over 20 years of my life to. I focused my thoughts on a new role within the company that included the details of the type of people I wanted to work with and the type of work I wanted to do each day. I fueled this thought with an intense passion of the joy I would feel when I finally was in this new position.

I deserved this new role. I expected this new role. I believed this new role was possible for me even though almost every other plant manager who found himself in the position I was in, was fired by this division of the company. I gave no attention to what happened to others in the past and just focused on the experience I wanted to create.

Within a couple of weeks of the new intention I programmed into the universe, I was called to meet my boss in his office which was across town. When I arrived, the HR manager was with him. My first reaction was ‘this can’t be good’ but I calmly walked into the office and shut the door.

To my amazement, they informed me the I was being re-assigned to a newly created position in the Research & Development group. I would be working with people I knew and liked including an old friend of mine. I was stopped in my tracks with awe and wonder. This was not normal for this division. This is usually the type of meeting at which the plant manager is fired. The creative power of my thought of a new position had just manifested a new position for me just like I had imagined. I was watching my thought unfold in reality before my very eyes. It felt awesome.

That day I realized in a very personal and profound way how real the Law of Attraction is and how it can be intentionally programmed for our benefit. I came to a much deeper understanding of how LOA works. I realized that if I would’ve continued to focus on how much I hated my plant manager job and my fear of being fired, I would’ve continued to experience misery until I actually was fired.

The takeaway here is …

LOA responds to absolute value

It doesn’t recognize ‘I want’ or ‘I do not want.’ It just recognizes the focus of your thought images along with the passion (or energy) associated with those thought images.

| I do not want … | = …

Focus on getting what you want

Be sure that the absolute value of your thoughts and passions are focused on LOA getting what you want and not on LOA getting what you don’t want. When you want to intentionally change a current experience that you do not want, turn your focus and passion away from what you don’t want and focus your thoughts and passions on the new experience you do want to create. I can vouch from personal experience that you will feel awesome when that new experience becomes your reality and takes you away from that which you did not want to what you do.


Remember … learning to Intentional Create your reality takes practice. No one gets it right every time. So … pay attention to your thoughts and when you find yourself thinking about or even obsessing about what you don’t want, just notice and then stop. No need to get upset with yourself for having negative thoughts … we all do. Just let it go. Then, on purpose, begin to think about what you do want instead.

Treat it like a game you are learning to win and …

Have fun with it!

Article by Mark Boldizar with Input by Takara

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Mark Boldizar