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Unleash Your Future by Mark Boldizar & Takara Shelor

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Find out why Mark and Takara are so uniquely qualified to teach LOA in such a fresh, easy to understand way … a way that can assist you to succeed where previously perhaps you have not.

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Mark being Interviewed by Jack Canfield for the Talking About Success Show

The full episode is available on Jack Canfield’s Success TV channel on Roku or you can watch it here (on this site) by visiting this link.

Helping You Engage the Law of Attraction in a Much More Reliable & Repeatable Way

Every single day people bang their heads against the wall (metaphorically) trying to wish their dreams into reality.

They take course after course,

read book after book,

imagine this,

affirm that …

and still …

sometimes the dreams just never come to fruition.

It can be deeply frustrating and, in many cases, the person simply gives up.

Something amazing happened when a scientist and an engineer immersed themselves (for years) in the study and application of The Science of Mind, The Law of Attraction, and More.

Mark Boldizar, with the help of Takara Shelor, has developed a revolutionary way (using a simple formula) that explains not only the key factors necessary for intentional creation, but also precisely what needs to change whenever it isn’t working for you!

Together they help you utilize the formula so the Law of Attraction (LOA) is easier to understand, engage, and personally benefit from.

Mark Boldizar

Mark Boldizar LOA Expert

Mark is an experienced and accomplished scientist with over 30 years of practical experience applying scientific principles in real life situations. Mark became passionate about using science to study and experiment with the Law of Attraction after watching The Secret many years ago. Mark’s focus on LOA has not only led him to manifest significantly new levels of success in his own life, he also developed an innovative and simple system that anyone can understand and learn to utilize to create the success they desire. Mark understands the frustrations that are encountered when attempting to manifest new experiences with LOA without a crystal clear understanding of how it actually works. Mark’s systematic approach to intentionally programming The Law provides the fundamental explanation that will help everyone understand why LOA has sometimes worked and sometimes not worked for them in the past. But most importantly, this new approach teaches you the critical components required to manifest success in a way that is significantly easier to understand and, therefore, easier to apply in your life. Mark is a gifted and engaging teacher committed to sharing his experience and understanding of manifesting with LOA so that you can become the empowered creator of the life of you desire just as you are intended to be.

Takara Shelor

Takara Shelor

Takara first began exploring how intentional creation (manifestation) works at the age of 20 when she put together her first vision board. At the age of 35, she left the comfort and security of a high-paying corporate engineering and management career in pharmaceuticals to head off in pursuit of her dreams … many of which she has successfully manifested. She’s been teaching others the art of manifesting and achieving greater health, happiness, and success for over 20 years. Her specialty is helping people master all the critical components required to make Intentional Creation work for them. She is a bestselling author, award-winning speaker, gifted storyteller, and highly intuitive. In addition to teaching others how to attain their goals and experience greater freedom, she assists them in achieving their highest potential both personally and professionally, how to break through their blocks and limitations, how to develop heightened intuition (necessary for manifesting the most effective way) and she teaches numerous ways to better handle stress. She is considered a polymath with interest and highly-developed skills in numerous areas. She is the webmaster for this and many other websites and is a coach to new authors wishing to become bestsellers.

What others say about us

“When I reached out to Mark for some help, my confidence was low and I was feeling lost as I searched to find a new job.  I had recently been passed over for two high paying job opportunities that I knew I was qualified for with my background and experience.  At the time, I had no more leads on good positions and was applying to almost any job.  Mark challenged me to focus on what I really wanted to do during our first meeting, and we went through his model on inputs versus results on thoughts/feelings/behaviors.  During our second meeting, I had really narrowed down what I was looking for with Mark’s guidance and we walked through some of the interview questions and answers.  I quickly realized that my negative thoughts about myself and my abilities where a major factor in why I was getting passed over.  Mark helped me see my value, challenge my negative thoughts (inputs), focus on what I really wanted and fueled my drive to land the right position.  By our 3rd meeting, I had multiple onsite interviews lined up with great companies.  We continued to focus on positive actions and thoughts as his model suggested.  We also worked on addressing the negative thoughts and drilled down to understand why I was thinking that way and created action plans to address them like plotting my feelings each day to understand more clearly what was going on during the more negative days.  After about a month working with Mark, I had 3 excellent job offers and more importantly I had regained my confidence and had a toolbox to continue improving all aspects of my life. I can’t thank Mark enough for his time, thoughtful guidance and inspiring model to help me be a better person.” – Craig Hoosier

“My life has changed so much (since participating in Takara’s manifesting classes). I was at a place of surrendering and whatever comes is whatever comes. And then we started talking about manifesting and vision boards and so on … it was like a light bulb for me that I’m consciously creating by virtue of what I focus on … So that’s when I started making dream boards and looking at ‘what would I actually like’ and becoming intentional about it. That was a big shift for me because I had not thought about it that way before. When she talked about the three blocks to manifesting … that really resonated with me … Yes, my life has completely changed. I’m much happier … when I was ready, when it was in alignment, when the timing was right, I realized ‘I’m ready to go back to work.’ It was only one or two days and this recruiter contacted me. I didn’t do anything. I just decided I was going to start looking.”

“I have become so much more conscious, so much more aware, so much more able to tap into Universal Energy … and being very creative with my own thoughts (since participating in Takara’s manifesting classes). Actually, I don’t really feel like the same person any more. I’m a lot more connected to Source Energy, to my Higher Self (whatever you want to call it). The meditations that you’ve done with us are incredibly deep and incredibly transformative. I trust myself a lot more  … with my intuition and my knowing. I really do trust myself so much more than I ever did. I think that’s the most important thing. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us.”

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