What is the Law of Attraction?

If you’ve ever read anything about achieving success, you’ve probably come across someone talking about manifesting with the Law of Attraction (LOA). But what is the Law of Attraction anyway?

What is the Law of Attraction?

LOA is a Universal Law that we prefer to call the Law of Creation or simply The Law. It transforms your thoughts, your focus, your beliefs, your energy, and your actions into your life experience.

Science is only beginning to explore how this transformation actually occurs. It may be decades, if not a century or more, before mainstream science discovers the physical mechanism that can fully explain this transformation of energy. Thankfully, a deep scientific explanation and understanding of how LOA works is not necessary to begin using it successfully to manifest the things and experiences you desire.

A deep scientific explanation and understanding of how LOA works is not necessary to begin using it successfully to manifest the things and experiences you desire. www.NewScienceOfSuccess.com. #LOA #lawofattraction Share on X

You Create the Program

It is important, however, that you fully understand how vital your role is in the creation or manifestation process. You are the programmer of your experiences. You do not control how LOA works. But you do control what gets programmed into The Law which it then transforms into your physical life experience.

All of the experiences that manifest in your life start with a mental program that is acted upon by the Law of Attraction. There are five critical components that must be present for a thought to become a physical experience. This is true whether or not you are consciously aware of the thought or “program” you are putting into The Law.

The three critical components of a successful mental program are:

  • Focused thought
  • Energy and passion for this thought to become a reality, and
  • Belief that this thought or potential experience is actually personally possible for YOU.

Once the thought is successfully programmed into The Law using the three important components mentioned above, there are two additional factors that are critical to bringing your desires into reality. Learn all about those in our free LOA Blueprint.

LOA is a Universal Law

It is really important to understand that LOA is much like the law of gravity. It just is. It is reliably at work all day, every day. You don’t have any control over gravity. You can’t say that you will have gravity work for you today but not tomorrow. In the same way, you can’t say that you will use LOA to try to manifest an experience that you want while at the same time thinking that LOA has nothing to do with the experiences you have that you don’t want.

The Law of Attraction is directing the creative process of each experience you have based upon the mental program that you broadcast to the Universe. The Law plays no favorites. It will create an experience that you would call bad just as easily as it will create an experience that you would call good.

Becoming Intentional with Your Mental Programming of LOA

The key to manifesting more of the successes you want is to become more intentional in your creation of mental programs that you communicate to the universe. Most of the time, you run on autopilot. You think, feel and do basically the same things each day based up what you believe is personally possible for you. This endless loop of thinking, feeling and doing the same things all the time is comfortable. You don’t have to expend a lot of energy for things to remain the same or to remain in the status quo. While you may not experience the success of your dreams, you can be satisfied with the same old experiences manifesting day after day.

Entropy Causes “Normal”

The comfortable loop of the status quo is normal. Actually one of the fundamental laws of physics which governs our universe is what makes the status quo so common. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is called the Law of Entropy. Entropy is a measure of disorder. It states that a system (a person is a system) seeks to be in its lowest energy state … which is the state of greatest disorder. Or, in this analogy, living in “same old same old.”

Simply put, you seek to be in your lowest energy state which means requiring little to no thought or energy required in order to function. This is the autopilot status quo state that we all experience. To move to a new set of experiences, getting out of the status quo, requires that you send new mental programs which requires far more energy on your part. Activation energy is required to move you from your comfortable current state to the new state in which the success of your dreams becomes reality.

It can be stressful and even downright scary just thinking about moving outside of your comfort zone. This is completely normal. And, its also why lots of people never achieve their dreams. Everyone experiences these feelings of discomfort. Those who learn to move past them are the ones who achieve success. Those who don’t are simply living in entropy … because its easier and less scary to do so. 

But an understanding of how it works plus a system to create mental programs specifically about what you want vs don’t want will help you more easily move out of entropy and achieve your dreams. Getting beyond the fear, which is often paralyzing, and into a state of greater confidence and belief in possibility allows you to take new actions which then lead toward the manifestation of what you really want.

The New Science of Success with Mark Boldizar and Takara Shelor

The New Science of Success is an innovative new systematic approach, developed by a scientist and an engineer, to manifest more of what you want through intentional programming of The Law. The system guides you to a more in depth understanding of all the necessary factors for manifesting on purpose. Plus, you’ll discover why sometimes you were able to manifest what you wanted while at other times or even most times, you were not able to achieve or manifest what you desired.

Remember, LOA plays no favorites. LOA does not view experiences as good or bad, it simply creates based on the programs you communicate to it. Once you accept this fundamental Universal truth, you can free yourself of your past patterns and the status quo. You will know that you are an empowered creator capable of experiencing anything you can think, feel and believe is possible for yourself.

Intentional programming is the ticket to a new world of experiences that have been waiting for you.

Let the New Science of Success guide you on your journey to becoming a skilled intentional programmer of the success and life you desire.

Article by Mark Boldizar with Input by Takara

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