The Law of Attraction Puzzle

Understanding the Law of Attraction (LOA) as a Puzzlist

A puzzlist is a person who likes to put together puzzles.

The Universe, through what is commonly termed Law of Attraction, is much like a puzzlist. You provide the Universe with an endless supply of puzzles to solve through your thoughts. The Law of Attraction is the universal law which governs which thought puzzle the universe assembles into your experience in reality.

Studies have identified that you have tens of thousands of thoughts each day. Estimates range as high as 70,000 thoughts per day. That is an incredible number of puzzles for the universe to choose from.

Studies have identified that you have tens of thousands of thoughts each day. Share on X

If you were given one puzzle that came in a box with a clear picture, you would somewhat easily be able to put together that puzzle even if it had hundreds of pieces. If you were able to focus your thoughts on the one experience you wanted, it would be easy for the universe to understand what you wanted. The universe would assemble the pieces through LOA to manifest that thought puzzle into your physical reality.

Now back to you working with puzzles. Let’s say that along with the hundreds of pieces to the one puzzle you are working on, someone comes along and dumps 50,000 other puzzles , each with its own hundreds of pieces with similar sizes and shapes to your intended puzzle, and mixes all of the puzzle pieces together. What are the chances that you will now be able to put together the picture of your one intended puzzle? If you answered zero percent, you are correct.

When you dump 50,000+ thoughts into the universe and then expect LOA to put together the one thought you really want to experience in reality, do you think it is realistic to expect the law to be able to interpret your desired experience amongst the tens of thousands of other potential experiences that you are broadcasting to the universe? If you answered NO, then you are correct again.

If you want the universe to know which thought you desire LOA to act upon, then you need to make it clear to the universe. So how can you make sure the universe is clear as to which thought(s) you intend to manifest into your reality?

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You can do the following three things to clearly indicate to the universe what you intend to create:

  • Decrease the number of thoughts (puzzles) you are communicating to the universe
  • Fuel your desired thought (puzzle) with positive passion such as joyful anticipation and love
  • Do not fuel non-desirable thoughts (puzzles) with negative passion and energy such as fear, worry, regret, etc.

So how might this look to the universe if you were able to execute on the three things on the list?

Your main role in intentionally creating your desired experience through the Law of Attraction is to make your desired thought easily identifiable to the universe. You need to make the thought of your desired experience stick out from the rest of your thoughts especially any thoughts that pertain to things you do not wish to experience.

It is not realistic to expect that you will have and hold only that one thought of the experience you want to manifest. But it is realistic to expect that you can continue to bring your focus back to the vision of what you desire and away from the thoughts of experiences you do not want to manifest.

It is also realistic for you to work on recognizing when your passion is more intensely negative. When you notice negative feelings, follow those feelings back to the thought that is generating that negative passion and shift your focus away from that thought replacing it with the thought of your desired experience. It can also be helpful to combine this shift in thought focus with something that brings about positive passion within you. For me this something is listening to music.

Focusing your thoughts on what you want in combination with a strong positive passion for your intended experience is a process which takes practice and time to develop. Do not be hard on yourself or set unrealistic expectations as you are practicing and developing the skill of focused and energized intentions. It is important to keep practicing and to be persistent. Before you know it, you will stop and realize that you are becoming a pretty awesome intentional creator of your definition of success in reality.

Article by Mark Boldizar with Input by Takara

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Mark Boldizar