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Takara Shelor – Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Speaker, Engineer, Consultant

Takara is best known for helping authors become bestsellers and individuals to ignite their intuitive gifts and experience profound personal transformation so they can achieve all of their dreams. For over three decades, she’s helped thousands of people from over 100 countries across the globe discover the diamonds and gold within … their unique gifts and talents, their passion, their purpose, and their joy.

Most people who work with her say they feel they view life from a completely new perspective and enjoy a greater sense of clarity, freedom, confidence, inner peace, and happiness.

She’s the 4-time bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace; co-author of Unleash Your Future, endorsed by Jack Canfield and awarded the Must Read Seal of Approval from Law of Attraction Magazine; creator, manager, and co-author of Dolphins and Whales Forever; and contributing author of Extraordinary Teams.

She’s been featured in The Mind Aware Show with Dana Wilde, San Diego Business Journal, Maine Well Being, and Australia’s famous Living Now Magazine just to name a few. Her articles have been featured in national and international magazines, newspapers, and online news sources for decades.  Her clients include National Sales Trainer, Bill Caskey, and bestselling authors Mark Boldizar, Joan Ocean, Grandma Chandra, Laurie Reyon, Cat Parenti, Sierra Goodman, Cyndie Lepori, Mary J Getten, and many more. She has shared the stage with Arielle Ford, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Noah St. John, Dudley Evenson, Ilona Selke, Trevor Crane,  Amethyst Mahoney and many others.

Her clients and students have: achieved new 6-figure careers, moved to more desirable locations, become bestselling authors, found the love of their life and gotten married (some to millionaires), left corporate life to start new thriving businesses and careers, adventured around the globe enjoying the travel experiences they always dreamed of, become professional speakers, been featured on television, and much more.

Takara has helped thousands of students, private clients, and customers manifest their desires and achieve their dreams, discover their unique gifts, skills, and talents, radically fine-tune and enhance their intuition, attain a higher level of confidence, break free of their blocks and limitations, and overcome their past in order to experience greater health, happiness, success, and a profound sense of fulfillment. She assists individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to take their life and business to a whole new level. She teaches people how to step into their true magnificence (their highest potential), align with the Divine (intuitively/energetically), and get into perpetual flow with the Universe resulting in rapid goal achievement while living a much more meaningful, joy-filled life. She helps them discover and become the beautiful, powerful, magnificent beings they are inside while achieving a level of calmness, clarity, and Divine connection rarely thought possible.

Takara’s transformational product line, Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergies, assist with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and have been thrilling customers the world over since 1998.  Her email newsletter, Here’s to Your Magnificence, is enjoyed by thousands of readers from over 100 countries across the globe.

An accomplished polymath, she’s done a bit of everything: single-handedly running the internet department of a thriving Nissan dealership; homeschooling her son all 12 years; living on a million dollar yacht in Fiji and the South Pacific; owning and managing a shamanic healing center in Santa Fe, NM; winning Awards of Excellence while utilizing her Industrial Engineering skills to manage multi-million dollar projects in the corporate world; and leaving her Industrial Engineering management career to move to an island and start a non-profit for dolphins and whales. When she’s not helping people move beyond the trauma drama of their past to step boldly into their future, she’s swimming with wild dolphins somewhere in the tropics or hiking in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Takara’s Journey with Law of Attraction

Takara was a straight A student in school. She moved out of her parent’s home the day after she graduated from high school and beginning that fall she put herself through community college by working full time as a secretary.

She had been taught from a very young age that the only way to get ahead was to work really really hard. She was also told that people who buy nice things and go on exciting trips were squandering money and that was a bad thing. She basically took on the belief that no matter what she did she would never have the things she wanted in life.

The Magical Vision Board

Despite that bad programming, the Universe showed her one day that such beliefs were false. She thought she wanted to be a manager of some kind so she was working toward a degree in business administration and she was a subscriber to Working Woman magazine. In the magazine, she came across an article about how to create a vision board. Even though the idea of putting pictures on a poster and hanging them on the wall seemed really ridiculous as a way to manifest your dreams, she trusted the magazine as an authority and decided to take it seriously. She put a picture of her boyfriend next to an image of wedding rings. She cut out a picture of a beautiful gold RX-7 and put that on there as well. She also put up an image of a pile of cash and a beach scene and a few other things.

Later on, when she and her fiancé broke up, she took the poster down because his picture was on it. A month or so later she was driving around in her new gold RX-7 and suddenly she realized, “Wait a minute, I used to have a picture of this exact car on my wall. And, there was also a picture of wedding rings which my fiancé and I did have before I broke up with him. He and I spent Spring Break in Miami Beach, so I manifested the trip to the beach. And clearly I have some cash if I’m putting myself through college and I’m driving this new RX-7.” It brought a big smile to her face and opened the floodgates for many more powerful manifestations over the coming years.

With a new sense of confidence in her ability to create her life what she wanted it to be, she quit the community college and business administration and transferred to one of the top 10 engineering schools in the U.S. She became president of the student chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and eventually graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering. She went on to win awards for the way she managed multi-million dollar projects and for her skills in corporate training.

Along with career success came a whole lot of stress and eventually she’d had enough. She decided to leave the comfort and security of a high-paying engineering management career, move to an island, and start a non-profit for dolphins and whales. Takara took a deep dive into personal empowerment, achieving human potential, the expansion of consciousness and awareness, stress reduction, energy healing, and how life and manifesting really works. She began teachings others how to apply real world savvy with spiritual finesse, making life easier, significantly less stressful, much more fun and deeply meaningful.

She’s lived in places many people only visit on vacation. She’s traveled extensively and even lived on a million dollar yacht in Fiji and the South Pacific for awhile. She’s manifested becoming a bestselling author on four separate occasions. She decided she wanted to be one of the experts on internet summits and soon she had participated on several. She’s closed business deals in 5 minutes, got divorced in a day and a half (it was supposed to take 51 days) and many other seemingly miraculous manifestations have occurred because she understands how to utilize and apply all the components in the Intentional Creation Formula.

Somewhere along the way Takara realized that when it comes to manifesting, intuition is a serious superpower. She helps people activate, radically fine-tune and enhance theirs which in turn greatly assist in consciously manifesting and achieving one’s dreams.

Takara believes that everyone can achieve personal magnificence (reach their greatest potential). Sadly, far too many people are restricted and constricted by limiting beliefs and fears (she calls them the 9 Veils of IllusionTM), negative outside influences, lack of self confidence and belief in possibilities. She helps them blast through those blocks and limitations and achieve their dreams.

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Mark Boldizar LOA Expert

Mark Boldizar – Law of Attraction Teacher, Scientist, Consultant, Visionary

Mark is an accomplished scientist who for over 30 years has applied scientific principles in a way that creates extraordinary real-world results for himself and his clients. Utilizing his highly-developed scientific approach, he turned his attention to understanding and experimenting with the Law of Attraction (LOA). He developed a model that explains everything that must be in place to manifest the things you desire. The model not only reveals all the components necessary to successfully intentionally program the Universe, but also what needs to be addressed if you haven’t been achieving the results you desire. The New Science of Success is focused on sharing this innovative system with others so they too can have success with LOA. Jack Canfield explores The New Science of Success with Mark in his new interview series called Talking About Success.

How it all began …

Mark has always been a highly inquisitive person with an endless thirst for understanding how things work and why they work that way. Mysteries have always fascinated him as well. His favorite television show was “The Twilight Zone” by Rod Serling. Contemplating the seemingly fantastical ideas and concepts explored by “The Twilight Zone,” he developed a strong open-mindedness for any and all new ideas even if they did not fit into the scientific paradigms of the day.

He excelled in high school in all subjects, but his passion was for the sciences. He finished his high school years with numerous awards and entered Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA where he also received numerous awards before graduating summa cum laude with a degree in chemistry. After completing his education, he took his strong intellectual curiosity into the corporate world as a scientist.

Mark’s corporate career spanned three decades, included multiple global corporations and projects in North America, Europe and Asia. He worked his way up the corporate ladder from a basic research scientist to high-level positions that included Plant Manager of a manufacturing facility with over 150 people in his organization and a corporate Quality and Technical Support General Manager responsible for the quality and productivity improvement of 10 plants located around the globe.

Mark’s inquisitive nature combined with his strong focus on practical application of scientific principles served as the core of his success in the corporate world. He consistently delivered extraordinary results resulting in massive increases to the bottom line of the corporations he worked for.

Mark always says that, “Scientific theory doesn’t pay the bills. It takes practical application of science in real world situations to truly make a difference.” Throughout his corporate science career, he became known for delivering results through science. And he had a way of teaching highly technical principles in a way that was easy to understand and relevant to people at all levels of an organization including the highly trained scientists, the financially oriented management executives and the manufacturing floor production employees who were on the front lines of making products each and every day.

Mark’s Journey with Law of Attraction

Mark’s interest in exploring mysteries was really engaged when he was first introduced to the Law of Attraction many, many years ago. After watching the movie, “The Secret,” he got excited by the possibility that thoughts are the foundation of experiences in reality. He set off on a journey of study and personal experimentation to help unlock the one question that burned deep inside: “how does it work?” He wanted to understand how to practically apply LOA to create more success in his own life.

Mark’s study lead him to many famous works including “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen and “Think and Grow Rich” by Naploean Hill. “Think And Grow Rich” uncovered an exciting personal connection for Mark regarding this concept of a secret power we all possess. The successful career of Charles M. Schwab was highlighted by Hill in his book. Charles M. Schwab was the first president of United States Steel. He later became president of Bethlehem Steel. Schwab lived in Loretto, PA where Mark’s Mother was born and raised and where Mark had gone to college. Mark’s great grandmother worked at Schwab’s large estate in Loretto. Mark’s grandfather used to caddy at Schwab’s golf course and Mark regularly golfed there. The nine-hole course was unique as it was built for a left-handed slice which Schwab apparently had. Schwab attended Saint Francis College just as Mark had. As Mark read Hill’s account of Schwab’s success, he became personally connected not only to the story but also to this secret power that Hill was talking about. Mark was even more motivated to unlock the mystery of this creative principle.

Mark’s understanding of LOA significantly deepened when he discovered “The Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes. Holmes’ explanation of the power of thought to create reality really struck home. Holmes described this creative, universal power of thought as a fundamental scientific law very similar to other scientific laws like the law of gravity. This explanation really resonated with Mark’s scientist nature. He realized that he could begin to engage and experiment with LOA just like he had been engaging and experimenting with other scientific principles in his work within corporations.

After reading “The Science of Mind,” Mark began to view and work with LOA as a universal scientific law or principle. This brought him back to his old saying of “theory doesn’t make money.” Even though he had studied a great deal, when trying to apply, he didn’t always get the results he wanted with the Law of Attraction. He now could see that, “LOA theory does not manifest experiences in reality.” A much more practical understanding and systematic approach was needed to attain consistent success.

Mark set off on a practical, experimental journey focused on more deeply understanding LOA in a way that could be universally applied for manifesting any desired experience, and could be shared with others so that more people could live the life they desired. Mark was especially interested helping his own children and other young people in understanding how The Law worked. That way, much earlier in life, they could understand that we are all empowered creators living in a world of unlimited possibilities and there is enough success to go around for everyone. This new way of understanding how success is created helps reduce stress and lead to a happier, healthier outlook on life.

Mark’s experiments started small with things like getting a great parking space and grew to much bigger manifestations like better career opportunities. Eventually his experimenting led to his exit from the corporate world into a career as an independent consultant and entrepreneur. In this new career Mark manifested great clients, a flexible work schedule which allowed him more time at home with his family, financial security and peace of mind far greater than anything he experienced working as part of a large corporation.

Mark’s freedom and flexibility in his new career provide him with the opportunity to develop his LOA learnings into an innovative new systematic approach that was ready to be shared with the world. His passion to teach and share practical application of scientific principles was now manifesting as a new reality of teaching others how to intentionally program LOA to create the success of their dreams.

Mark’s collaborative venture, The New Science of success, developed with Takara Shelor. brings together in one place everything you need to simply understand and practically program LOA to create the life of your choosing. This new systematic approach will help you understand why LOA has worked for you at times and why it appears to not have worked for you at other times. The New Science of Success is like a universal decoder ring for LOA. Mark wanted to provide an understanding of LOA that would become a trusted resource to help guide anyone on their own person journey with LOA looking to create more of what they want in life.

Mark believes that LOA is a universal creative law that is always in operation … just like gravity. Working successfully with The Law and becoming skilled in programming The Law takes practice. If you learn about how it works, and practice, over time you can become the writer, director, and star in your own life success story. Being the conscious creator of your life experience brings with it an incredible sense of peace and personal freedom. Mark is ready to help you come to this same understanding, proficiency, and peace by making LOA a way of life for you.

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