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What a great launch weekend!

It started off with people all over the globe receiving emails from Mark and I, as well as from our launch partners about our new book. Of course we included some of the incredible accolades the book has received so far from such experts and luminaries as Jack Canfield, Jonathan & Andi Goldman, and many others.

Endorsements for Unleash Your Future

It started trending on Amazon right away.

In the afternoon, Susie Carder, bestselling author of Power Your Profits and the one who wrote the forward to Unleash Your Future, had us on for a zoom interview where we shared insights about how to consciously manifest your dreams and goals.

By late afternoon we’d already hit bestseller status in multiple categories as well as internationally.

In the early evening, we had a zoom launch party happy hour with me and my family in Virginia, Mark and his family in Pennsylvania, and friends, launch partners, and fans from all over North America, including Canada.

We gave away some great prizes, laughed, toasted, and taught some highly useful wisdom nuggets, including some that aren’t even in the book.

Mark had some audio and video issues, but its well worth watching anyway. The recording of the launch party is below.


The book is already changing lives.

Even people who teach about the Law of Attraction say they learned a lot, and found the advice we share highly illuminating and practical to apply.

Every chapter includes a reminder of the most important points, plus actual exercises to do to take what you are learning from theoretical and mental to practical, tangible, and integrated into your daily life experience.

Learn more about the bestselling book, Unleash Your Future, here.

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