Intuition LOA Manifesting Superpower

Having done web design since 1996, run my own internet business since 2000, and helped many other authors, entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed throughout the years, I’ve had to stay abreast of the ever changing world of business and particularly online sales.

That means I’ve been following success gurus, internet marketers, and more for over 20 years.

In order to achieve success:

  • They talk about goal setting.
  • They talk about having a positive mindset.
  • They talk about taking action.
  • They talk about getting outside your comfort zone.
  • They talk about having a coach.
  • They talk about the latest and greatest marketing scheme and often lay one out for you in great detail.

But the one thing they seem to always overlook is one of the most powerful and effective methods for achieving goals … following your intuition. 

My first successful attempt at utilizing the Law of Attraction (LOA) to achieve my dreams was back in college. And trust me, that was a LONG time ago. Since then I’ve learned a lot more about how it all works and had quite lot of success with it. I’ve successfully manifested everything from sports cars to exotic travel to career promotions to becoming a bestselling author.

Intuition is Like a Turbo-Booster for Manifesting

Being an engineer, I have a tendency to look for the root cause of problems and their best solutions as well as the most important factors to consider for pretty much anything. I noticed that in every case of wildly successful manifestation, intuition played a key role.

When I set out to publish my first book, I spent a couple of years studying how to successfully write, publish, launch, and promote books. Treating it like a project and dusting off all my project management skills from my corporate days, I developed Pareto charts showing what had to happen first before a next step could occur. I also put together a massive spreadsheet of tasks that needed to happen. It ended up being 450 line items long. Looking at the list, knowing that several of the things on it would take a great deal of time, I realized that if I did everything on the list it would be years before the book got published.

Knowing the 80/20 rule works in pretty much every situation (20% of actions result in 80% of the result), I decided to get the Universe involved in determining which actions from the giant list were part of that 20%. Utilizing my favorite intuitive tool called a pendulum along with some charts I developed for using it, I determined that 3 of the major sections on the giant list were critical to success.

So, I plowed all my time, energy, focus, and required money into those three critical factors. And with very little stress and far less effort that I could possibly have imagined, my first book in print hit #2 in its category on Amazon. Now that I know the critical factors and what is needed, every book I’ve published for myself or others since then has hit #1.

Anyone Can Learn How to Use a Pendulum to Enhance Their Intuition

Pendulum dowsing is the fastest way I know to help people fine-tune and enhance their intuition and there are lots of classes and books available to teach you how. Numerous famous scientists utilized it including Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein.

I know a lawyer who dowses to decide who is OK to have on a jury in order to get a favorable outcome. Maybe that’s fair or maybe that’s not. There are people who use it to decide what foods are best for them to eat to lose weight. For me, it offers a great way to verify my hunches by asking a few questions and getting some answers from the Universe.

The most dramatic of my successful manifestations required a much greater level of intuitive insight than just asking questions with a pendulum though. They required that I utilize my inner knowing or sixth sense called claircognizance.

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Utilizing the Sixth Sense

We all have intuition in one form or another. We all have a way that the Universe sends us signals. Many call it the sixth sense.

For some it is clairsentience. That means to feel (energy or insight). That is often paired with claircognizance meaning to simply know truth. Others hear a voice. That’s called having clairaudience. It can come in the form of a song, a poem, a single word or several sentences. Finally, there are those who have the sixth sense of clairvoyance, meaning to be able to see.

When Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen were trying to come up with the name for the book series they were working on, in a meditative state, Jack literally saw the words “Chicken Soup” written on what looked like a chalk board in his mind. The Chicken Soup for the Soul series has gone on to be the most successful book series ever written. Intuition about the name played a vital role. And you can bet intuition was utilized in a lot more than just the book title.

My greatest manifestation, or at least the most fabulous and dramatic, was living on a million dollar yacht in Fiji and the South Pacific. It all began with an intuitive hit. That means I had a whisper of a thought (meaning teeny tiny, something almost imperceptible and so subtle that it could be easily missed).

The thought was “I wonder how Kelly is doing these days?” Kelly was someone I met while living in the San Juan islands. He had a gallery on the main island with his Orca photography. The images were breathtaking. And the whisper of a thought (that still small voice within) was about wondering if he ever became more famous than just a single gallery on the island. I wondered if he had become well known on the mainland. I did a google search and found that he was on Facebook. I requested to be his friend on that social media platform. He approved the friendship. I checked out some things he posted, looked at a few photos, and then went on about my day.

Certain Necessary Intuitive Actions Aren’t Always Logically Understood

I didn’t know why I was “guided” to look this guy up. I didn’t know it had anything whatsoever to do with manifesting a desire. I’ve just learned that when the still small voice nudges you from within, you best pay attention. So, when I suddenly think of a person, I stop everything and call them. Invariably they say one of two things, “I was just thinking of you,” or “I really need some emotional support and just asked the Universe (God) for help.” And then I go about helping them deal with whatever the situation is.

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Another Excellent Technique for Enhancing Intuition is Meditation

By meditating daily over a period of time (weeks, months, and years), the mind begins to remain more calm, have less chatter, fewer stray thoughts, and is able to stay focused on one thing for greater and greater lengths of time. I’ve been practicing a daily meditation for over 25 years. So when I’m hyper-focused on writing a book or article or developing a new product and suddenly think of a person or something else completely unrelated to the current task, I’ve learned to pay attention.    

A few days after becoming friends with Kelly on Facebook, I was struck with the insight that “Kelly lived on San Juan Island. I used to live on San Juan Island. Its not a very big place. I bet he knows some people that I know.” So I went back to his facebook profile and looked through his friends list.

The second I saw a particular name, I broke out in a huge grin. “Brian.” We used to go to dinner together sometimes when I lived on the island. He was a yacht broker. I would meet him at the marina, board some lovely yacht, and we would motor to another island to have a fabulous meal. It was so much fun. And I absolutely love anything to do with water.

I asked to be Brian’s friend on Facebook. It turns out that he was down in Mexico getting his new boat ready for “the puddle jump” where a whole armada of boats (mostly sailboats along with him in his motorized yacht) would leave Mexico and head straight west until they hit a particular island. It takes 15 or so days with not even a glimpse of land. He invited me to come down to Mexico and join him for the trip. I laughted and kindly declined.

Once he landed on whatever island, he started sending me photos and inviting me to join him again. This continued through Tahiti and Bora Bora and a whole bunch of incredible places. And then he asked me to fly to Fiji, stay on board for a month or so, and fly back from Brisbane Australia. I literally got tears (and did again even writing about it today) when I read those words in his email. I said I couldn’t be gone that long because I have a kid. So he told me to “bring the kid.”

Fiji and the South Pacific on a Million-Dollar Yacht

So my son and I flew to Fiji and lived on Brian’s yacht island hopping around Fiji, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia. My goal was to be on a white sandy beach with palm trees. It’s what I’d been visualizing. This trip is what the Universe handed to me. It took following two seemingly random and completely un-goal related bits of intuition to make it happen. But wow, was it worth it.

That’s why I say that Intuition is a LOA manifesting superpower. Yes, you can reach your goals without it. But I’ve found that with it, what transpires is often far greater and more grand than one could even imagine.

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