How to Handle Change Video 1
Bargaining and Acceptance


Learning How to Handle the Sadness Phase of the Mourning Process

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty, learning how to handle change as well as understanding the various emotional stages a person goes through in going from sudden change or loss to total acceptance is paramount.

In this series with bestselling author, D. Takara Shelor, and recognized LOA expert, Mark Boldizar, they share with you insights on change. They share engaging stories of how they and others are handling change. And they give you tips and tools to help you navigate these uncharted waters with greater ease and grace.

View Video 1 here.
View Video 2 here.
View Video 3 here.

In video 4, they talk about the sadness, grief, depression and anxiety many people may be feeling and constructive ways to move out of those emotions.


Watch  Video 5 on understanding bargaining and acceptance here.

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